Why you need  Martha Patterson

Martha Patterson is Certified as an Elder Law Attorney by the National Elder Law Foundation
There are only 32 Attorneys in California with this National Certification, which requires an attorney to prove their legal expertise and extensive experience providing services to clients in all areas of Elder Law, including Trusts, Wills, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives, Disability Planning, Medicaid (Medi-Cal), Veteran’s Benefits, Social Security, Medicare, and Retirement Benefits.

Martha is Accredited with the Veteran’s Administration

Martha Pattersonfrequently provides education locally and nationally at professional organizations including: San Fernando Estate Planning Council, Southern California Council of Elder Law Attorneys, National Business Institute, Women in Financial Services, Kasem Cares, Orange County Bar and other professional organizations.

She is recognized by her peers as an expert. She has been awarded the title of Distinguished Lawyer. She writes monthly articles for the North Valley Community News.

“I not only am among the top elder law attorneys in the nation, but have also lived the journey of caring for my mother in-law. When dementia hit my family I was able to use all of my legal knowledge to take care of my mother in-law for 8 years, and she did not run out of money despite having very little saved as we used every resource available including Veteran’s Benefits and Medi-Cal.

“I help families plan for What If and have a book by that name.

“I am an expert in guiding families through the difficult decision of placing a loved one in a Nursing Home, and have written a book about “The Nursing Home Dilemma”

She also has co-authored the Book “Tax Free Money for Seniors”

Martha received attention and press as the attorney who helped Kerri Kasem (Casey Kasem’s daughter) with her legal battle to see her father in 2014.

Martha has served on the board for the Kasem Cares Foundation which helps spread awareness for elder abuse and adult rights representation.

Martha is the sole reason I got to see my dad before he died. She was one of the lawyers responsible for overseeing the help with the Kasem children. Martha is a sought after expert in elder law and she really is the quiet giant! This woman really cares about the people she works with and is not in it just for the buck. – Kerri Kasem, Radio & TV personality

Martha Patterson is a member of the State Bar of California
Member of Los Angeles County Bar Associataion
Member of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association
Member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA)
Member and Past President and Founder of Southern California Chapter of NAELA
Member of the National Elder Law Foundation
Member and Past President of Southern California Council of Elder Law Attorneys
Member of Women in Financial Services

State Bar of California License #108322
California Department of Insurance License #OK58144

Why You Should Hire an Attorney who Specializes in Elder Law

Martha Patterson the Elder Law Mom is Nationally Certified as an Elder Law Attorney, She is Accredited with the Veteran's Administration and Recognized as an Expert by her peers

Elder Law is a highly specialized area of law, and should be handled only by qualified elder law and special needs attorneys.

When you look for an attorney to help you with a special needs or elder law issue, you should look first at Certified Elder Law Attorneys (CELA®) near you. Why? Because they have demonstrated that they understand your legal problems, and they can help you.
The Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) certification has frequently been referred to as “the gold standard” for elder law and special needs practitioners. This reflects the hard work and proof required before an attorney can proudly proclaim that he or she holds the valued designation.

Preparation for a CELA designation includes several steps and several different types of qualification, all of which are designed to assure that clients receive good legal care. Before being certified, an applicant must:

Have practiced law for at least five years, and have focused at least half of their practice in the special needs/elder law field for at least the last three of those years.
Demonstrate “substantial involvement” in special needs and elder law practice, by demonstrating a minimum number of individual cases, spread across a number of different categories making up the “elder law” definition.
Study for, take and pass a rigorous, day-long written examination. Recent pass rates have been below 50% — and that is of applicants who have already met the experience requirements.
Undergo a review by peers and colleagues, focused on the applicant’s reputation for ethical and competent representation in elder law and special needs planning matters.
There are nearly 500 CELAs in the country, so not every community has even one person who has been certified. Your lawyer should be a CELA — it is your surest method of independently confirming that she (or he) is more than just qualified. After all, you deserve the best legal representation available.

Martha Paterson is Certified as an Elder Law Attorney
She is experienced in handling a diverse range of issues affecting seniors including estate planning, special needs and asset protection.

What if your loved one has dementia, a stroke, or other disease and they need care?If you are facing that dilemma Martha will be your trusted guide. We have the experience to help you, both personally and legally. As part of an elite group of attorneys Certified as Elder Law Attorneys by the National Elder Law Foundation Martha Patterson is experienced in Wills, Trusts, Probate, Estate Planning, Trust law, Long Term Care Medi-Cal and Veteran’s Benefits.

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Estate Planning Attorney

You have worked hard all your life to accumulate personal assets and we want to ensure that you pass on your legacy to you family, at the right time and in the manner you desire, rather than have your hard-earned assets be consumed by estate taxes, creditors and predators and probate expenses.

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Elder Law

Did you know that thousands of Americans that are eligible for Medi-Cal for nursing home care never even apply for benefits? Yet postponing or avoiding this process means you could be wasting thousands of dollars every year. This is especially true if you are married and your loved one is in a Skilled Nursing Home.

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Asset Protection

One of the opportunities an Estate Planning Attorney such as Martha Patterson has is to protect inheritances from Creditors.

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Trust Administraton

Trust administration is a necessary process that occurs after the death of either one or both settlors. To protect the successor trustees, there are many things that must be done to ensure proper administration.

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What Our Client's Say

  • Martha Patterson helped my husband and I go through the hardest part of our life so far when my mother became ill with dementia and we had no idea what we needed to do. Martha was our rock and always told us everything we needed to do to prepare for what was going to happen during my mom loosing her memory and then when she passed away. Martha helped us through all the paperwork and was fast and patient with us.

  • Martha has been successful with my case and helping my family get right representation. I highly recommend Martha Patterson to friends because she is specialized in elder law. Her articles are useful and in a teaching nature. Since helping me — she has become a friend, advocate and pretty much a life saver. Martha is a successful litigator and has won a number of cases. She…

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